"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"

business challenges

Every organisation throughout the world is facing major challenges in their business as a consequence of the constant economic, political and technological changes. These issues have resulted in changes in the working environment, streamlined organisational structures, created a need for new management and interpersonal skills & improved use of information technology as companies seek their most appropriate way forward. The goal of every organisation is to achieve business excellence and a closer relationship with the customer.

The problems of restructuring, developing a learning, responsive, flexible organisation, exploiting information technology (IT), telecommunications and the internet, developing a new strategy & direction for the business are complex and involve many aspects of the business and trade-offs within the existing organisation. These matters cannot be addressed in isolated compartments. Furthermore, these strategic issues require the management and leadership of the most senior levels of the company and the development of an effective team-working environment.

But how do you and your organisation, approach these challenging problems while maintaining a successful company in a competitive business environment, punctuated by an increasing number of management fads, such as Business Process Re-engineering, outsourcing, offshoring, shared service centres, wireless networking, home working..? The facilitated & interactive workshops set out below, are used to assist individual Managers and Directors to gain further knowledge, experience and develop their skills. These events may be of benefit to you and your organisation.

dacilitator and presenter

The workshops are led by Garry E Hunt, Managing Partner, Elbury Enterprises, a Visiting Professor, Kingston University Business School & international business advisor, who conducts this type of event for public and private companies & Government Departments throughout the world.

programme examples

Managing for Business Excellence
Workshops with Management Teams
Corporate Governance
Personal Development

Exploiting IT for YOUR business benefits
for CEOs, Directors & Senior Managers

Business Process Improvement
The Practical Approach After the Hype

Best Practice Skills
Consultancy & Sales (Professional Services)
Business Strategy & Planning
Account Management & Planning
Business Networking & Relationship Management
Service Level Agreements
Managing Consultants
How well do YOU know YOUR customer?

Self Managing Teams
How to develop, implement & operate a successful team culture

e-Business and exploiting the Internet

some comments

"Garry has extensive experience to share. He is a wonderful facilitator & trainer and makes all participants feel at ease"

"Excellent and experienced presenter. Information conveyed concisely and effectively. Specific approaches & methodologies to be applied-applicability to my direct requirements."

"An excellent dynamic speaker who provided insightful tips, experience to help me as a novice manager develop for team improvement in my organisation. Wonderful thank you."

"Excellent - covered almost the whole issues of managing people"

"A good lively presentation with a good level of involvement"

"Very good and lively. Good interaction between Garry and the audience."

"Very thought provoking - will use some of the ideas within own management team and general staff team"

"Inspirational and participative - highly enjoyable"

"I enjoyed the way we were made to think of problems outside of our normal experiences."

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