"Working with kind, good and talented people, such as you, during my diplomatic career has meant so much to me. Without this support, I would not have been able to achieve so much."

Edward Glover MVO, CMG,
former British High Commissioner, Guyana

improving YOUR performance for business benefit

Everyone needs a coach to help them improve their performance and learn from the greater experience of others. Sportsmen & women always use them, so why not you in business? In the rapidly changing world of business a coach/mentor is crucial to developing your future success.

Business Executives are faced with a wide range of challenges and opportunities that require their own wide range of skills, knowledge and experience as well as the ability to develop the skills and capabilities of their staff. They are constantly bombarded with new initiatives creating further challenges for their staff, changes in the working operations, altering relationships between staff members and external organisations, while making it difficult, if not impossible for a senior staff member to have time to address their own personal business challenges and career developments. Every staff member needs some quality time with their own coach/mentor to help them consider their own issues and challenges in a proper perspective and address the crucial matter of their own future career. For many business people, it is a lonely role. As an experienced independent international businessman, non-Executive Director and visiting Professor at Business Schools in the UK and USA, I use sage wisdom and common sense with decades of experience to assist you in navigating the often difficult road ahead.

Through private 1:1 sessions let us help you with

Examining your strengths & weakness & developing activities for improvement
Addressing issues and challenges of your business
Developing your CV
Time management
Presentation skills
Developing your personal development programme
Establish a programme of activities and milestones for the future to be examined as our relationship develops
Assist you in developing your business network
Developing a portfolio business
Maintain a trusted business relationship


"Garry mentored me whilst I was Managing Director of Harrison Willis. He was a motivational leader and had outstanding knowledge of management and motivating staff. He was a great help to me in the formative stage of my career"
Stuart Blake ,
Managing Director , Harrison Willis (TMP Worldwide, HW Group PLC)


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