"Garry Hunt..is a television presenter second to none."

Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS

Garry Hunt is a uniquely skilled public speaker and international businessman who has performed at such diverse places as the London Palladium, The Royal Institution, The Royal Society, company Boardrooms and Universities throughout the world. He has a wide range of talents, as a qualified international business adviser, scientist, TV and radio broadcaster and author.

picture of GarryHis experiences are built on decades with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena California through participation in space programmes to explore the Earth and planets; also at several US Universities, Imperial College and University College London where he held senior positions.

Garry provides public talks and lectures to audiences including:
Key note talks at Company Kick Off events & to Professional organisations   

Major lectures such as Scott Lectures, University of Cambridge Rouse Ball lecture, University of Cambridge; Robert Lockhart Lecture, University of Manitoba

The Royal Institution of Great Britain
NASA Kennedy Space Centre
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Public events at major cities in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & Asia
The Molecule Theatre
Talks & lectures at Schools & Universities
Business Games
with topics such as:
Setting up & Managing a successful Board
Surviving the IT revolution
Climate Change
So you want to be a consultant?
Exploring the solar system
Business & technology; A successful marriage or divorce
Telecommunications revolution
Space Exploration
Managing & Surviving Change
Living with Uncertainty - the Mobile Revolution & 21st century challenges

Garry has received many awards for his business & communication activities including:
ITN/LWT Scientist of the decade for his communication of space activities during the 80s
4 NASA awards received during a distinguished scientific career for his work with the NASA Voyager mission
Jubilee lecture of the British Computer Society
ICL Worldwide Services award for consultancy activities

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