"You (Garry Hunt) are the most well networked person I know.."

Mike Evans,
Former Director of Marketing, Oracle Inc.

breakfasts, lunches and dinner parties

Developing YOUR contacts for further business activities

People buy from People. Today the major contribution to future business success is not just "….what you know, but more who you know…..". To be successful you need to meet the decision-makers and maintain an active network of these key people. Don't wait for your customers to come to you. Actively seek out NOW those you wish to influence. The speed of business change and future success is being fuelled by the rapid growth and exploitation of the Internet, globalisation, take-overs, mergers and new entrants into previously traditional markets using their successful brand names to create new opportunities. The business world is being revolutionised by those leaders and decision-makers of companies who dare to think independently and seek out others with whom to share radical new ideas.

Do not put your blind faith in the mail room and unimaginative marketing activities by sending out circulars and unsolicited letters to busy executives which generally get no further than the circular filing cabinet. Let me help you develop your network and contacts for real business benefit. I will organise with you, host and facilitate for you, breakfasts, lunches and dinner parties, with people you wish to know better and those you wish to meet for future business, making appropriate use of my extensive network. There is no selling but simply an opportunity for an open and lively discussion of particular topics which are affecting the business world and your market. My role is to facilitate these sessions and ensure a successful time for everyone, while you extend your network and business contacts. Remember that people buy from people, so successful networking is a key to your future corporate success.

Roundtable Dinner Discussions – Proof of a Successful Approach

This successful approach has been used for many years with clients in all sectors, including Telecommunications & internet, IT Hardware, Software and Service companies, Law Firms, PR, Media, Hotel and Travel, International Management Development Organisations.. from all over the world to help them understand the market issues and develop new contacts In recent years, the themes used by clients have been:

· Leadership & vision
· Return on IT Investment in turbulent times
· Managing Enterprise Security; Letting business in and keeping risk out
· Managing your business in turbulent times
· Mobile internet summit; challenges & opportunities
· Managing business process risk
· RFID and mobile tracking; how can businesses gain commercial advantage?
· Enterprise Security : Letting Business in & keeping risk out
· Why do businesses fail?
· Deciphering the Outsourcing propaganda; what is the reality?
· IT Governance; Achieving success today and building for the future
· Competitiveness through process
· Corporate Information: An asset or a liability?
· Getting a return on your technical asset.
· Brand, image and the internet revolution
· Successful management of complex projects
· Changing face of recruitment

Many past guests who have expressed their unsolicited views of the evening and its value for their business activities.

· A most stimulating evening. I enjoyed the company and the debate, which you hosted excellently.
· A super evening, I enjoyed the company and benefited from the discussion which was relevant and very thought provoking.
· I found the evening extremely stimulating and thought provoking.
· I learnt a lot.
· You put together a very interesting group of people and facilitated the discussions very sensitively and effectively
· I could not get to sleep for ages when I got home with all the thoughts whizzing through my mind
· As always you did a magnificent job keeping us in control and ensuring the debate was relevant and flowing.
· I gained benefit from the wide-ranging discussions on the topics which concern us all in business today.
· I made some useful contacts and gained new insight and impressions from different industries.
· A good mix of views shared over fine wine and dinner, great fun and valuable too.
· I've taken away some key ideas that can be incorporated into our thinking here.
· It was good to have someone as wise as yourself by my side.
· Excellent learning and networking opportunity
· All our delegates were really impressed with your performance. The Conference was run professionally and smoothly.
· Thanks for facilitating such a well balanced/informative debate.
· The networking dinner was one of the better parts of event (World Mobile Internet Summit)

"Garry is an excellent business-man who delivers on what he promises, time and time again. Running a series of executive networking dinners in London, Garry excelled at bringing us out-of-the-box thinking, together with the right connections for our business. He runs a debate with ease, knowing which questions will stimulate the most interesting discussions. I look forward to future events!"

Diana Tucker
Manager, Attunity

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